Snowball Fight


Have you ever wanted to have a good, fun Snowball Fight? Well, now is your chance. Have fun “throwing” Snowballs at your friends and family, or some of your closest enemies. Play free-for-all or gang up on each other, just make sure you are the last one throwing Snowballs.

  • Quick and easy to learn and play for all ages
  • Perfect for Family Nights
  • Wonderful Travel Game
  • Awesome for Parties or Game Nights
  • Great way to Break the Ice
  • Game #1 of the “Pick Your Battle” series of card games from Toresh Games
  • Plays with 2 to 7 players | Approximate playing time – 20 minutes | Game box includes – 100 cards and 1 rulesheet



Players take turns drawing a card from the deck and either “throwing” it at another player, placing it in front of them, or discarding it. Once you have been “hit” by 10 Snowballs, you are out. To win you must be the last player throwing Snowballs.

Snowball Fight is Toresh Games’ #1 Game! We have spent many valuable and enjoyable hours around the table, laughing and playing as we “worked” tirelessly to bring our Snowball Fight to life and into the house. We Love having fun in the snow, but could not do it year round, until now. After months of testing, artwork, design and production, we are ready to invite You and Your Family to join the Snowball Fight! We hope that you and your family will have just as much fun playing Snowball Fight as we had while creating it.

We have more fun family games in the works and are hoping for your support of Snowball Fight to help us bring these other great family games to life. If you order now we will ship it out right away!

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 1 in


  1. Andrew Michener

    One of the best things to do is get together and have a good ol’ fashioned game night! If you want a game that lets the family get together then try this one out! It’s a simple little game designed by a friend of mine back in Colorado! They showed me how great having a simple game night can be, with a roommate or entire family, so I know this game was made based on having fun! Give it a try! Plus, PENGUINS!

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