Pirates Playing Card Game – A Fun Card Game for Kids, Families, Travel, Parties or Game Nights, and a Great Way to Have a High Seas Adventure.

  • EASY AND FUN – Games can be learned in a matter of minutes by players of all ages
  • CHANGEABLE – Includes a set of rules, but players may use House Rules for easier or harder game play
  • EXPANDABLE – Individual game plays with 2-7 players – Decks may be combined to add more players
  • FUN FOR ALL – Perfect for family nights – Wonderful travel games – Awesome for camping or RVing
  • Plays with 2 to 7 players | Approximate playing time – 20 minutes | Game box includes – 120 cards and 1 rulesheet
  • Game #7 of the “Pick Your Battle” series of card games from Toresh Games



Game #7 of the “Pick Your Battle” series of card games from Toresh Games

Game Overview – Players take turns drawing a card from the deck and either “hitting” another player by placing the card in front of them, “fixing” their own damage, or discarding the card. Once a player has been “hit” by 10 cannonballs, volleys, or chain shot, they are out. To be the winner you must be the last player in the game.

Start a New Tradition at Family Gatherings, Liven Up a Party, or Play a Fun Game while Chatting with Friends – Pirates can be played almost anywhere and adapted to meet the needs, age, or skill of the players involved. With young players the rules can be simplified so the game is easy and engaging (kids learn to count, make sets and understand cause and effect). With older players new rules may be added for more complex game play, such as, “any person who is out may rejoin after one round.”

Plays Just As Fun With 2 Players – Looking for something quick to do as a couple, while waiting for an appointment or such? With 2 players Pirates can be played in a matter of minutes.

Affordable – For less than the cost of a movie date you can have hours of entertainment.

ORDER NOW – Don’t miss out on an amazing game. And when you order, consider getting enough for all your shipmates.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 1 in


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