Hello Everyone!

We are a new family owned game company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Toresh Games was established in 2015 with one goal in mind – Promote the love of playing family and strategy tabletop games. We believe there are many great game ideas and innovations out there and wanted to be a part of bringing those ideas to life. Toresh Games publishes its own titles, but will also promote tabletop gaming by providing information and a sales platform for titles published by other companies.

Our hope is that we can bring people together through playing the games we publish and promote. Whether it is a family gathering or a group of friends sharing time together, we want it to be exciting, entertaining and enjoyable. Some of our games will be simple fillers, meant to break the ice and get the games rolling. While some of our other games will be more involved and require strategy and concentration to win. Whatever your gaming style and preferences, we hope you will find a game from Toresh Games that works for you.

Toresh Games Owners and Operators