Toresh Games will be at GameFest

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Toresh Games will be at GameFest (April 21st – 23rd, 2017) – Toresh Games will be presenting all six (6) of it’s Pick Your Battle series of games at GameFest (Part of StarFest 2017) in April in Denver, Colorado. Guests will be able purchase the Snowball Fight game onsite for a discounted price, and will be given information on how to pre-purchase additional titles (Food Fight, Viking Games, Wizards and Witches, Dodgeball and Water Fight).

GameFest is a great way to check out some of the latest and greatest games and gaming accessories, and attend panels to discuss gaming. Toresh Games’ owner, Thomas Shepherd, will be participating in a game design panel Saturday morning. Everyone is invited to come, participate and ask questions.

The world of tabletop board games is comprised of smaller groups who often intermingle. Please help us reach your group so nobody misses out. Thank you!